South Cotabato, Phillipines

The Story…

Our goal was to reach the unreachable. During the covid pandemic there were many villages affected, they were affected because many people couldn’t get into towns without a face-mask and proper precautions.

Even their own government weren’t going out to these indigenous villages to help them. So we wanted to reach these villages and we wanted to empower them with everything they need to prevent covid. All equipment to prevent covid was provided.

These villages are so remote that we were the first outreach that ever come to their area. Basic needs were not met but malnourished and some were desperate for any kind of help.

Project Reach:


Basic Needs Provided

We started with a prayer and proceeded to the giving of the bags. One line for the adults and one line for the kids. The bags included the following:

  • Canned Meats

  • Rice

  • Noodles

  • Oil

  • Sugar

  • Face Masks
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Books for Kids
  • Toys for Kids
  • Clothing
  • Slippers
  • Coloring Crayons
  • Blankets